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Analog TV Balanced Combiners


Balanced structure of two identical bandpass filters and two hybrid couplers, having one Narrowband (filtered), constant impedance input and one Wideband (non-filtered) input. Balanced Combiners offer the maximum versatility and performances, allow Adjacency Combination, and permit to create Chain-Combiners. Product Series:

  • DB Series: Compact. Rack-Shelf
  • DM Series: Compact with Modular Frame System. Heat Sinks
  • DF Series: Modular Frame System. Heat Sinks, Forced Air Cooling, Liquid Cooling


COM-TECH Balanced Combiners several innovative and proprietary Designs, in order to meet the different transmission requirements, such as selectivity, regulation masks,and Adjacency Combination:

  • XLine: Extracted-Pole Elliptical-Response
  • DualCross: Double Cross-Coupling
  • Cross Coupling
  • All-Pole


COM-TECH Balanced Combiners are designed, engineered, and manufactured with cutting-edge technology in order to grant the maximum reliability and the most advanced performances: highest voltage safety margins, lowest insertion loss, maximum compactness, exceptional mechanical stability and durability.

  • Full-Band Tunability
  • Temperature Stabilization
  • DC-Short
  • Modular Frame System
  • Modular Connector System
  • SIR (VHF B.III Filters)
  • Hairpin (VHF B.I Filters)
  • EVA-Mode (VHF B.I and FM Filters)
  • 10-Year Warranty


COM-TECH Balanced Combiners can be provided with specific Options to increase maximum operating power. The resulting downsizing allows significant cost and space savings. Furthermore, they have been engineered to be conveniently integrated into Rack-Shelves.

  • Heat Sinks
  • Forced Air Cooling
  • Liquid Cooling
  • Rack-Shelf


Balanced Combiners can be connected together to realize Chain-Combiners, also mixing Filters with different Cavity Sizes and Number of Poles, in order to optimize the Combiner chain.

  • Wideband Port
  • Wideband Port Tuning Optimization
  • Extension


Tuning data reported on the Datasheets refer to one single Balanced Combiner module. The performances and specifications of Chain Combiners are affected by different factors, such as: number of combined frequencies, frequency order and assortment, and adjacency.

  • Combination Wideband Power
  • Combination Peak Voltage
  • Combination Insertion Loss
  • Combination Return Loss
  • Adjacency Power Derating


COM-TECH has exploited the possibility to combine Adjacent TV Channels (e.g. 21-22-23) or DAB Blocks (e.g. 12A-12B-12C) thanks to innovative techniques: DualCross and XLine Filters, MultiStep Hybrid Couplers, and an improved Manifold combination technique.

  • Adjacent Channel/Block Combination
  • Power Derating
  • Mask-Combiner / No Mask Combiner


COM-TECH offers several options for Retuning of its Bandpass Filters and Combiners, with different levels of autonomy for the Customer. Tuning Instructions and Tools are provided upon request. COM-TECH also offers customized Tuning Training Courses.

  • On-Site Retuning
  • Factory Retuning
  • Substitution Program
  • Customer Retuning
  • Remote Assisted Retuning


Balanced Combiners Filters use mnemonic codes:
[Product Series: DB, DM, DF] [No. of Poles: 6, 8…] [Design: XLine, DualCross] [Cavity Size: 80, 110…] [Operating Band: C, B…] / [Number of Filtered Inputs]

  • Eg. DB6X50C/2: DB Series, 6-Pole, XLine, 50 mm, UHF, 2 Filtered Inputs (plus one Wideband)
  • Eg. DF8D200B/3: DF Series, 8-Pole, DualCross, 200 mm, VHF B.III, 3 Filtered Inputs (plus one Wideband)