COM-TECH designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of output Channel Combiners for Broadcast TV and Radio Transmitters. COM-TECH Combiners are available with different cavity sizes, for low to high power applications, and with different number of poles, to match all masks and standards requirements:

  • Radio: DAB, FM

More on Digital Mask Requirements


COM-TECH develops Combiners with different Combination Techniques:

  • Manifold: MX Series Combiners
  • Starpoint: SB, SM, SF Series Combiners
  • Balanced: DB, DM, DF Series Combiners
  • Stretchline: providable upon request


COM-TECH Combiners make use of innovative and proprietary design techniques:

  • XLine: Extracted-Pole Elliptical Response. Available on SB, DB Series Combiners
  • DualCross: Double Cross Coupling. Available on SM, SF, DM, DF Series Combiners
  • MultiStep. Available on DF Series UHF Balanced Combiners
  • SIR. Available on DM Series VHF B.III Combiners
  • Hairpin. Available on SM Series VHF B.I Combiners
  • EVA-Mode. Available on MX Series FM Combiners


COM-TECH has exploited the combination of several channels, extending the capability to combine Adjacent Channels.

More on Chain Combination

Adjacent Channel Combination is possible on 6, 7 and 8-Pole Balanced Combiners (DB, DM, DF Series), and 5-Pole Manifold Combiners (MX Series), and can be implemented independently of the required Mask (e.g.: Critical or Non-Critical): there is no strict need of 8-Pole Filters to combine adjacent channels.

  • Adjacent Channel Combination
  • Mask Combiner
  • No-Mask Combiner


COM-TECH Combiners share these main Features:

  • Full Band Tunability
  • Temperature Stabilization
  • DC Short
  • Interchangeable Connector System
  • Modular Frame. Available on SM, SF, DM, DF Series Combiners


COM-TECH Combiners can be provided with specific Options to efficiently reduce their over-temperature, and to consequently increase their maximum operating power. The resulting downsizing possibility allows significant cost and space savings. These options are add-ons, which means that they can be applied at a later stage:

  • Heat Sinks. Available on SM, SF, DM, DF Series Combiners
  • Forced Air Cooling. Available on SF and DF Series Combiners
  • Liquid Cooling. Available on SF and DF Series Combiners

COM-TECH Combiners have been engineered to be conveniently fit into Racks. COM-TECH can provide standard and customized solutions to integrate Filters, Combiners, Directional Couplers, Lowpass Filters, and other components into Racks.

  • Rack Shelf. Available for MX, DB Series Combiners


COM-TECH Combiners product codes are named with reference to Series, Number of Poles, Technique, Cavity Size, Band, and Number of Channels:

  • Coding (Combiners)