COM-TECH designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of RF Components for Broadcast TV and Radio Transmitters and Stations:

  • Hybrid Couplers, Multicouplers, Splitters
  • Patch Panels, Directional Couplers, Matching Lines
  • Dry Loads, Power Loads
  • Rigid Line Connections, Panel Connectors, Adapters
  • Misc


COM-TECH Components share these main Features and Design Techniques:

  • MultiStep: Available on NH Series Hybrid Couplers
  • Accuprobe: Available on DC Series Directional Couplers
  • FastLine: Available on RL Series Rigid Line System
  • Modular Connector System
  • Rack-Unit Connector Spacing: Available on most Hybrid Couplers (HC, HF, NH Series) and Multicouplers (MC, MH Series)


COM-TECH Multicoupler System is a proprietary and complete solution, offering practical and efficient components to drive and combine several Power Amplifiers. The system includes Multicouplers with Rack-Unit Connector Spacing, and dedicated driving Splitters which provide, when used together, the maximum possible overall efficiency of the Transmitter (Typical 99% – 0.04 dB overall Insertion Loss), and a high port isolation (>30 dB), allowing partial operation and hot replacement of amplifiers. Two different systems, with different techniques, are available:

  • Quadrature Multicoupler System: MC Series Multicouplers and QS Series Splitters
  • Progressive Multicoupler System: MH Series Multicouplers and SP Series Splitters


COM-TECH Directional Couplers can be equipped with Accuprobe. These equalized-response probes (typical flatness: ±0.05 dB) provide an enhanced wideband agility on Transmitters (channel changes do not affect the measured level), and a constant output level for every channel on Combiners (frequency correction table not required).
All probes are available with SMA or N Female connectors, for all bands, and come in two versions:

  • Single Probe: integrated load and short-circuit button for directivity test
  • Dual Probe: simultaneous FWD and RFL measurement

All probes are interchangeable and can be mixed-and-matched in the same DC-Series Directional Coupler.


COM-TECH FastLine Rigid Line system comprehends a complete range of connections and components from 7/8’’ to 6+1/8’’, compatible with EIA and WX standards:

  • Rigid Lines
  • Elbows and Junctions
  • Flanges, Inner Connections, and Inner Supports

More on Rigid Line System


COM-TECH Components product codes are named with reference to Series, Order, Technique, Size, Version, Band:

  • Coding (Components)
  • Coding (Connections)