COM-TECH designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of RF Components for Broadcast TV and Radio applications, for the UHF, VHF B.III, VHF B.I, FM bands:

  • Hybrid Couplers, Multicouplers, Splitters: HC, HF, NH, MC, MH, QS, PS Series
  • Patch Panels, Directional Couplers, Matching Lines: AP, TP, BP, DC, ML Series
  • Dry Loads, Power Loads: DH, DL, DT, DP Series
  • Rigid Line Connections, Panel Connectors, Adapters: RL Series
  • System Monitor and other Accessories

COM-TECH Components product codes are named with reference to Series, Order, Technique, Size, Version, Band:

  • Coding (Components)
  • Coding (Connections)


COM-TECH Components are designed and engineered with state-of-the-art techniques, and realized with cutting-edge manufacturing technology, in order to grant the maximum reliability and deliver the most advanced performances: highest voltage safety margins, lowest insertion loss, maximum compactness, exceptional mechanical stability, durability, and immunity to transportation shocks.

  • MultiStep: Ultra-Flat Frequency Response. Available on NH Series Hybrid Couplers
  • Accuprobe: Equalized Response Probes. Available on DC Series Directional Couplers
  • FastLine: Available on RL Series Rigid Line System
  • RU Connector Spacing: Available on most Hybrid Couplers (HC, HF, NH Series) and Multicouplers (MC, MH Series)
  • Beo Free: Available on Dry Loads
  • Modular Connector System
  • 10-Year Warranty


COM-TECH provides proprietary and complete solutions to conveniently and efficiently drive and combine several power amplifiers, which include:

  • Hybrid Couplers: to combine 2 inputs, with RU Connector Spacing. HC Series, NH Series, HF Series
  • Multicouplers: to combine up to 10 inputs, with RU Connector Spacing. MC Series and MH Series
  • Splitters: to split up to 8 outputs. QS Series and PS Series

.Two different types of technologies are available:

  • Quadrature Power Combination: MC and QS Series
  • Progressive Power Combination: MH and PS Series


COM-TECH offers a complete range of Directional Couplers, from 7-16 to 6+1/8”, from 2 to 6 probe slots, allowing up to 12 measurements.
COM-TECH provides a wide range of Equalized Response probes, for all operating bands (UHF, VHF B.III, VHF B.I, FM):

  • Accuprobe: Equalized Response Probes

All COM-TECH probes are interchangeable and can be mixed-and-matched on all DC-Series Directional Couplers, and are available in different versions:

  • Single Accuprobe
  • Dual Accuprobe
  • Non-Equalized Probe. For legacy and traditional applications.


COM-TECH Rigid Line System comprehends a complete range of components for indoor applications, from 7/8’’ to 6+1/8’’, which includes: Rigid Lines, Elbows, Junctions, Flanges, Inner Connections, Inner Supports:

  • FastLine

Its main distinguishing features are:

  • Aluminum/Copper Rigid Lines
  • Flush and Recessed Cutbacks
  • Socket-Plug and Flanged Connections

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