COM-TECH designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of RF Components for Broadcast TV and Radio Transmitters and Stations.
COM-TECH Components range include:

  • Hybrid Couplers, Multicouplers, Splitters, Lowpass Filters
  • Patch Panels, Directional Couplers, Matching Lines
  • Dry Loads, Power Loads
  • Rigid Line Connections, Panel Connectors, Adapters
  • Misc

COM-TECH Multicoupler System is a proprietary and complete solution, offering practical and efficient components to drive and combine several Power Amplifiers, providing the maximum possible overall efficiency of the Transmitter.
FastLine, the COM-TECH proprietary Rigid Line system for indoor applications, comprehends a complete range of connections and components from 7/8’’ to 6+1/8’’.
The COMPONENTS family is typically coded and categorized firstly with reference to the operating frequency band (UHF Components, VHF B.III Components…), subsequently by Component type (Hybrid Couplers, Directional Couplers…), and finally by Component Series (HC Series, HF Series…)

UHF Couplers

VHF B.III Couplers

VHF B.I-II Couplers

FM Couplers

Frequency Range 470-862 MHz 174-240 MHz 47-100 MHz 87.5-108 MHz
Components Hybrid Couplers
Lowpass Filters
Hybrid Couplers
Lowpass Filters
Hybrid Couplers
Hybrid Couplers
Techniques Unified Connector Spacing
Unified Connector Spacing Unified Connector Spacing Unified Connector Spacing
RMS Output Power Up to 70 kW Up to 65 kW Up to 11 kW

Coaxial Components




Components Patch Panels
Directional Couplers
Matching Lines
Dry Loads
Power Loads
Rigid Lines
Panel Connectors
Techniques Accuprobe FastLine
RMS Output Power Up to 130 kW Up to 50 kW


Interchangeable Connector System
COM-TECH products feature an interchangeable and modular connector system, based on unified mounting panels.
Each panel accept different connectors, allowing a wide choice of connections to be mounted on the same product:

  • Panel sizes: 25 mm, 32 mm, 64 mm, 100 mm, 130 mm, and 150 mm
  • Wide choice of connectors available on each product
  • Easy connector change

Unified Connector Spacing
COM-TECH Unified Connector Spacing, available on most Hybrid Couplers (HC, HF, NH Series) and Multicouplers (MC, MH Series) provides input connectors exactly spaced by a multiple of Rack Units:

  • 2U, 3U, 3.5U, 4U, 5U, 6U, and 9U (400 mm) spacings available
  • Direct plug-in into Power Amplifiers (Quick Plug Connectors available)
  • Wider and optimized choice of Input and Output Hybrid Couplers on Balanced Combiners

MultiStep: Ultra-Flat Frequency Response
COM-TECH exclusive and proprietary design technique, available on high power UHF Hybrid Couplers, (NH Series) and Balanced Combiners (DF Series):

  • Ultra-Flat frequency response (10 times flatter compared to traditional design Hybrid Couplers)
  • Enhanced Return Loss and Isolation
  • Antenna Systems: Accurate power balance
  • Balanced Combiners: Agile connection of several modules with unparalleled performances

Accuprobe III: Equalized Response Probes
COM-TECH exclusive and proprietary equalization technique, available on Directional Couplers (DC Series):

  • Accurate coupling level equalization (typical flatness: ±0.05 dB)
  • Single Probe with Integrated Load and Dual Probe for simultaneous FWD and RFL measurement
  • Interchangeable probes: Single or Double, SMA or N Female, Band Type (UHF, VHF B. III, B.I-II, FM…)
  • Transmitters: enhanced wideband agility; channel changes do not affect the measured level
  • Combiners: measured output level constant for every channel; frequency correction table not required

Components product codes are named with reference to Series, Order, Technique, Version, Band and Connection:

Series DC, PC…: Directional Couplers, Panel Connectors…
Order 3, 4, 6…: No. of Slots (Directional Couplers)
3, 4, 5…: No. of Inputs (Multicouplers)
3, 4, 6…: No. of Ports (Patch Panels)
Technique Q: Quadrature (MC Series)     P: Progressive (MH Series)     A: Accuprobe (DC Series)
Size 60, 80…: Hybrid Couplers, Multicouplers…
39, 77…: Directional Couplers, Rigid Lines…
64, 100…: Panel Connectors, Adapters…
Version 3, 4, 5…: No. of Probes (DC Series),
1, 2, 4…:Balancing (AP Series)
Band C: UHF     B: VHF B.III     A: VHF B.I-II     R: DAB     F: FM
Connection C, D:            N Female, Male
E, F:            7-16 Female, Male
G, H, I:        7/8’’ (WX-20D) Socket, Flange, Plug
J, K, L:        1+5/8’’ (WX-39D) Socket, Flange, Plug
M, N, O:      3+1/8’’ (WX/NAX-77D) Socket, Fl., Plug
P, Q, R:       4+1/2’’ Socket, Flange, Plug
S, X, T:       RL-120 (WX/NAX-120D) Socket, Fl., Plug
U, V, W:      6+1/8’’ (WX-152) Socket, Flange, Plug