Dry Loads

Product Range


Code  Application Max RMS
Input Power

DH Series

DH25C Integrated Heat Sink 40 W

DL Series

DL40HC With Heat Sink 250 W
DL40C For Integration 400 W
DL80HC With Heat Sink 600 W
DL80C For Integration 800 W

DT Series

DT300HC With Heat Sink 1.40 kW
DT300FC With Forced Air 2.40 kW
DT300C For Integration 3.00 kW
DT300SC For Integration 3.75 kW
DT300LC For Integration, Liquid Cooling 3.25 kW

Power Loads

Product Range

Code Technology Max RMS Input Power 

DP Series

DP2C Oil 2.50 kW
DP4C Oil 4.00 kW
DP5C Oil 5.00 kW
DP10C Oil 10.00 kW
DP15C Water 15.00 kW
DP25C Water 25.00 kW
DP50C Water 50.00 kW