COM-TECH products are designed with state-of-the-art techniques, engineered with the most innovative development tools, and realized with cutting-edge manufacturing technology, in order to deliver the most advanced performances with the highest level of reliability:

  • Highest voltage safety margins for maximum reliability
  • Lowest insertion loss for optimum efficiency
  • Highest power handling over the physical dimension, for maximum compactness
  • Rugged construction for maximum mechanical stability, durability, and immunity to transportation shocks

Since the beginning COM-TECH has made extensive use of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), and has been amongst the first to adopt 3D EM and Fluid Dynamic simulation, coupled with the most advanced Optimization tools.

COM-TECH’s development workflow:

1. Exact Circuit Synthesis, Analysis and Optimization

2. Distributed Synthesis, 3D EM Modeling and Analysis, and Multi-Objective Optimization

3. 3D Fluid Dynamic Modelling

5. 3D CAD

6. CAD-CAM Machining