FastLine, COM-TECH proprietary Rigid Line system for indoor applications, comprehends a complete range of connections and components from 7/8’’ to 6+1/8’’, fully compliant with EIA and JEITA standards:

  • Rigid Lines: 2m or 4m line lengths
  • Elbows: with quick Plug or Flanged connections
  • Junctions: quick direct connections between Rigid Lines
  • Flanges: with extra threads for direct connection without using nuts
  • Inner Connections: to connect Flanges
  • Inner Supports: to support the inner conductor of the rigid line

Different Cutbacks (offset between the outer and inner conductor) are available:

  • Flush (Zero) Cutback, for convenient and simple installations
  • Recessed (Offset) Cutbacks, for compatibility with NAX/WX and legacy standards

Two different types of connections are available:

  • COM-TECH Socket-Plug system for more compact, more efficient, faster and cheaper connections
  • Traditional Flanged connections for full compatibility with all EIA systems

Choice of Materials
FastLine has been developed with an innovative choice of materials:

  • Inner conductor: Highly Conductive ETP Copper for low losses (as the Insertion Losses depends mainly on the inner conductor)
  • Outer conductor: Highly Conductive Hardened Aluminum, for better mechanical properties (flexibility, and lightness) and cost reduction
  • Optimal temperature compensation between Outer and Inner conductors: the highest temperature of the inner conductor is compensated by the lower coefficient of expansion of Copper
  • Full galvanic compatibility between metals, as Copper is matched to Copper (or compatible metal, as silver plated copper alloy), whereas Aluminum is connected to Aluminum

Connections Power Ratings
Power ratings for COM-TECH Connectors and FastLine Rigid Lines:

Connections UHF VHF B.III VHF B.I-II and FM
N 500 W 950 W 1.4 kW
7-16 2.0 kW 3.75 kW 5.5 kW
  Default Painted Default Painted Default Painted
7/8” 2.0 kW 2.5 kW 3.75 kW 4.75 kW 5.5 kW 7.0 kW
1+5/8” 5.5 kW 7.0 kW 11.0 kW 13.0 kW 16.0 kW 20.0 kW
3+1/8” 17.0 kW 21.0 kW 32.5 kW 40.0 kW 47.5 kW 60.0 kW
4+1/2” 27.5 kW 35.0 kW 55.0 kW 65.0 kW 80.0 kW 100.0 kW
RL-120 35.0 kW 45.0 kW 70.0 kW 85.0 kW 100.0 kW 130.0 kW
6+1/8” 55.0 kW 70.0 kW 100.0 kW 130.0 kW 160.0 kW 200.0 kW


  • Maximum Operating Temperature (Outer Conductor): 70°C (158°F); Recommended: < 65°C (149°F)
  • Power referred to 1.500 m (4.900 ft.). See Altitude Thermal Derating