Connections Power Ratings
Power ratings for COM-TECH Connectors and FastLine Rigid Lines:

Type UHF (700 MHz) VHF B.III (230 MHz) VHF B.I-II (100 MHz) FM (108 MHz)
N 500 W 900 W 1.30 kW 1.30 kW
7-16 2.00 kW 3.50 kW 5.30 kW 5.10 kW
  Default Painted Default Painted Default Painted Default Painted
7/8” 2.20 kW 2.70 kW 3.80 kW 4.70 kW 5.70 kW 7.20 kW 5.50 kW 6.90 kW
1+5/8” 5.60 kW 7.00 kW 9.80 kW 12.00 kW 15.00 kW 19.00 kW 14.00 kW 18.00 kW
3+1/8” 20.00 kW 25.00 kW 35.00 kW 44.00 kW 54.00 kW 67.00 kW 52.00 kW 65.00 kW
4+1/2” 30.00 kW 37.00 kW 52.00 kW 65.00 kW 79.00 kW 99.00 kW 76.00 kW 95.00 kW
RL-120 38.00 kW 48.00 kW 66.00 kW 83.00 kW 101.00 kW 126.00 kW 97.00 kW 121.00 kW
6+1/8” 59.00 kW 74.00 kW 104.0 kW 130.00 kW 157.00 kW 197.00 kW 151.00 kW 189.00 kW


  • Maximum Operating Temperature (Outer Conductor): 70°C (158°F); Recommended: < 65°C (149°F)
  • Power referred to 1.500 m (4.900 ft.). See Altitude Thermal Derating
  • “Painted”: Painting applied after Rigid Line installation: water-based, matte black, 80°C (176°F) resistant

Range of Components
FastLine, COM-TECH proprietary Rigid Line system for indoor applications, comprehends a complete range of connections and components from 7/8’’ to 6+1/8’’, fully compliant with EIA and JEITA standards:

  • Rigid Lines: 2m or 4m line lengths
  • Elbows: with quick Plug or Flanged connections
  • Junctions: quick direct connections between Rigid Lines
  • Flanges: with extra threads for direct connection without using nuts
  • Inner Connections: to connect Flanges
  • Inner Supports: to support the inner conductor of the rigid line

Different Cutbacks (offset between the outer and inner conductor) are available:

  • Flush (Zero) Cutback, for convenient and simple installations
  • Recessed (Offset) Cutbacks, for compatibility with NAX/WX and legacy standards

Two different types of connections are available:

  • COM-TECH Socket-Plug system for more compact, more efficient, faster and cheaper connections
  • Traditional Flanged connections for full compatibility with all EIA systems

Choice of Materials
FastLine has been developed with an innovative choice of materials:

  • Inner conductor: Highly Conductive ETP Copper for low losses (as the Insertion Losses depends mainly on the inner conductor)
  • Outer conductor: Highly Conductive Hardened Aluminum, for better mechanical properties (flexibility, and lightness) and cost reduction
  • Optimal temperature compensation between Outer and Inner conductors: the highest temperature of the inner conductor is compensated by the lower coefficient of expansion of Copper
  • Full galvanic compatibility between metals, as Copper is matched to Copper (or compatible metal, as silver plated copper alloy), whereas Aluminum is connected to Aluminum