COM-TECH products have set new benchmarks in the broadcast industry, introducing brand new techniques and world first innovations:

Microteco Snc founded
by ing. Daniele Valenti
1990 TV Manifold Combiner
World first Broadcast TV Combiner with Manifold technique (MPX3L)
Microteco changes name and company type into COM-TECH Srl (Private Limited Company) 1992
1998 DAB Filter
First company in Italy to purchase
CST Microwave Studio

ISO 9001 Certification

First exhibition at IBC
2001 Elliptical Response
World first Broadcast TV Bandpass Filter with Elliptical Response technique (TC4E120L)

Interdigital Hairpin Design
COM-TECH ultra-compact Interdigital Hairpin Design VHF B.I Bandpass Filter

New Premises
(Via Industria 7, Morbegno)
2003 DualCross
World first Broadcast TV Bandpass Filter with Double Cross-Coupling technique (TC6E120C)
2004 XLine
World first Broadcast TV Bandpass Filter with Extracted-Pole technique (CL6X30C)
2005 MultiStep
International patent application for world first Ultra-Flat response UHF TV Hybrid Coupler (TH100C)

200mm Cavity Filter
World first TV Bandpass Filter with 200 mm cavity size (TC4E200C)

2006 BeO-Free Dry Load
World first Broadcast TV BeO-Free Dry Load (DL3000C)

COM-TECH first introduction of Multicouplers and Splitters

DF Series
World first Balanced Combiner with Multistep Hybrid Couplers

2007 Liquid Cooling
COM-TECH first introduction of Liquid Cooling on Bandpass Filters
2009 Accuprobe
World first Directional Coupler with fully Equalized Probes (DC4A23)
COM-TECH do Brasil
COM-TECH Srl changes name and
company type into COM-TECH Italia
(Public Limited Company)

ISO 14001 Certification

2012 Forced Air Cooling
World first integrated Air Cooling System on a Broadcast TV Filter
2013 TF Series
COM-TECH novel and unique ultra-compact UHF Bandpass Filters

NH Series
COM-TECH innovative and proprietary UHF MultiStep Hybrid Couplers

New Premises
(Via Artigianato, 9, Morbegno)
2014 FM Manifold Combiner
World first FM Combiner with Manifold technique (ME3P120F)
2015 TS-Series
COM-TECH innovative and ultra-compact VHF B.III Filter
BS OHSAS 18001 Certification 2016 MH-Series
COM-TECH innovative Progressive Multicoupler
2018 Accuprobe III
COM-TECH New Generation Directional Coupler with Equalized Single and Dual Probes