COM-TECH products have set new benchmarks in the broadcast industry, introducing brand new techniques and world first innovations:

Microteco Snc founded
by ing. Daniele Valenti
1990 TV Manifold Combiner
World first Broadcast TV Combiner with Manifold technique (MPX3L)
Microteco changes name and company type into COM-TECH Srl (Private Limited Company) 1992
1998 DAB Filter
First company in Italy to purchase
CST Microwave Studio

ISO 9001 Certification

First exhibition at IBC
2001 Elliptical-Response
World first Broadcast TV Bandpass Filter with Elliptical-Response technique (TC4E120L)

Interdigital Hairpin Design
COM-TECH ultra-compact Interdigital Hairpin Design VHF B.I Bandpass Filter

New Premises
(Via Industria 7, Morbegno)
2003 DualCross
World first Broadcast TV Bandpass Filter with Double Cross-Coupling technique (TC6E120C)
2004 XLine
World first Broadcast TV Bandpass Filter with Extracted-Pole technique (CL6X30C)
2005 MultiStep
International patent application for world first Ultra-Flat response UHF TV Hybrid Coupler (TH100C)

200mm Cavity Filter
World first TV Bandpass Filter with 200 mm cavity size (TC4E200C)

2006 BeO-Free Dry Load
World first Broadcast TV BeO-Free Dry Load (DL3000C)

COM-TECH first introduction of Multicouplers and Splitters

DF Series
World first Balanced Combiner with Multistep Hybrid Couplers

2007 Liquid Cooling
COM-TECH first introduction of Liquid Cooling on Bandpass Filters
2009 Accuprobe
World first Directional Coupler with fully Equalized Probes (DC4A23)
COM-TECH do Brasil
COM-TECH Srl changes name and
company type into COM-TECH Italia
(Public Limited Company)

ISO 14001 Certification

2012 Forced Air Cooling
World first integrated Air Cooling System on a Broadcast TV Filter
2013 TF Series
COM-TECH novel and unique ultra-compact UHF Bandpass Filters

NH Series
COM-TECH innovative and proprietary UHF MultiStep Hybrid Couplers

New Premises
(Via Artigianato, 9, Morbegno)
2014 FM Manifold Combiner
World first FM Combiner with Manifold technique (ME3P120F)
2015 TS-Series
COM-TECH innovative and ultra-compact VHF B.III Filter
BS OHSAS 18001 Certification 2016 MH-Series
COM-TECH innovative Progressive Multicoupler
2018 Accuprobe III
COM-TECH New Generation Directional Coupler with Equalized Single and Dual Probes