COM-TECH designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of Loads with different cooling techniques. Product Series:

  • DH Series: Low power Dry Loads with integrated Heat Sink
  • DL Series: Medium power Dry Loads for Integration or with Heat Sink
  • DT Series: High power Dry Loads for Integration (with Liquid Cooled) or with Heat Sink
  • DT Series: High power Oil/Water Loads


COM-TECH Loads are designed, engineered, and manufactured with cutting-edge technology in order to grant the maximum reliability and the most advanced performances: highest voltage safety margins, lowest insertion loss, maximum compactness, exceptional mechanical stability and durability.

  • BeO-Free
  • 10-Year Warranty


COM-TECH Loads can be equipped with the following Options:

  • Thermal Switch
  • Monitor Probe (DL Series)
  • Integrated Directional Coupler (DT Series)


COM-TECH Loads use mnemonic codes:
[Product Series: DH, DL, DT, DP] [Resistor Chip Power: W/10] [Cooling: H “Heat Sink”, L “Liquid Cooled”] [Operating Band: C]:

  • Eg. DH40C: DH Series, 40 W, UHF
  • Eg. DT300LC: DH Series, 3 kW, Liquid Cooled, UHF