Power Ratings
Power ratings reported in the datasheets refer to the following standard operating conditions:

  • Altitude: below 1.500 m (4.900 ft.). (See Altitude Thermal Derating)
  • Free air, no enclosures (e.g. Racks), no obstructions to natural air convection
  • Heat Sinks: Fins in vertical position, and no obstructions to air flow
  • Standard Environmental Conditions (see Environmental Conditions)
  • Body temperature below the maximum operating value (See Product Datasheet)
  • Combiners: Non Adjacent-Channel


  • Specific calculations need to be carried out to determine the effective power rating in case one or more of the previous conditions are not met

Altitude Thermal Derating
Power ratings reported in the datasheets refer to a maximum altitude of 1.500 m (4.900 ft.); when installed at higher altitudes, power ratings must be reduced according to the following table:

Altitude Relative Power
0 – 1.500 m (4.900 ft.) 100%
2.000 m (6.500 ft.) 97.5%
2.500 m (8.200 ft.) 95.1%
3.000 m (9.800 ft.) 92.8%
3.500 m (11.400 ft.) 90.5%
4.000 m (13.000 ft.) 88.2%
4.500 m (14.700 ft.) 86.0%
5.000 m (16.400 ft.) 83.9%


  • The above derating is related to the decreased thermal dissipation of rarified air. Filters and Combiners may undergo an additional power reduction due to voltage safety factors. This reduction depends on the design and the cooling technique (typically Forced Air Cooling and Liquid Cooling)

Environmental Conditions
COM-TECH products withstand to the following Operational, Transport, and Storage conditions:
Operational Conditions:

  • ETSI EN 300 019-1-3 V.2.4.1 (2014-04), Class 3.1, Normal Conditions
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: see Product Datasheet

Transport Conditions:

  • ETSI EN 300 019-1-2 V.2.2.1 (2014-04), Class 2.2

Storage Conditions:

  • ETSI EN 300 019-1-1 V.2.2.1 (2014-04), Class 1.1


  • COM-TECH products are designed for indoor use, and are not waterproof. Maximum attention should be carried out to prevent contact with water, especially during transportation and installation