COM-TECH is an Italian leading company designing and developing high-end RF passive components.
COM-TECH has become a reference worldwide, having supplied products and services to Customers in more than 50 Countries.
COM-TECH key distinctive factors are: Innovation, Reliability, Performance, Flexibility.

The Broadcast business area covers the UHF, VHF B.III, VHF B.I, FM frequency ranges for the following applications:

  • Digital (DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB-T) and Analog Broadcast TV
  • Digital (DAB, T-DMB) and Analog (FM) Broadcast Radio

The Industrial, Scientific and Medical business area covers the 50 – 2.500 MHz frequency range for the following applications:

  • Particle Accelerators (Sychrotrones, LINACs…)
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Microwave Communications (Wireless camera links, microwave distribution…)
  • Transport Networks (Service communications, tunnel signal distribution…)
  • ATC (Radio communication for Air Traffic Control)
  • PMR (Professional Mobile Radio)
  • Weather and Hydrological Monitoring

COM-TECH production range comprehends four main product families:

  • FILTERS: Output Bandpass Filters for Broadcast TV and Radio Transmitters
  • COMBINERS: Channel Combiners for Broadcast TV and Radio Stations
  • COMPONENTS: RF Components for Broadcast TV and Radio Transmitters and Stations. (Hybrid Couplers, Multicouplers, Patch Panels, Directional Couplers, Loads…)
  • ISM: RF Passive components for the Industrial, Scientific and Medical business areas (Hybrid Couplers, Multicouplers, High Power Couplers, Directional Couplers…)