UHF Lowpass Filters

VHF B.III Lowpass Filters

FM Lowpass Filters


Solid state transmitters produce high frequency emissions (harmonics and frequency conversion products) which generally cannot be removed by Bandpass Filters.
COM-TECH Lowpass Filters are designed to grant out-of-band spurious rejections when used together with COM-TECH Bandpass Filters.
They feature a stepped impedance design and they are available also as Rigid-Line sections for a convenient and easy integration. LP, LC, LH Series:

  • LP Series: Rigid-Line Interface
  • LC Series: Modular Connector System
  • LH Series: ICC with Heat Sinks, Modular Connector System


COM-TECH Lowpass Filters are designed, engineered, and manufactured with cutting-edge technology in order to grant the maximum reliability and the most advanced performances:

  • Modular Connector System
  • ICC with Heat Sinks
  • Rigid-Line Interface
  • 10-Year Warranty


COM-TECH Lowpass Filters use mnemonic codes:
[Product Series: LP, LC, LH] [Coaxial Size: 39, 77…] [Cutoff Frequency: R, L, X] [Operating Band: C, B, A, F]

  • Eg. LC39RC: LC Series, 1+5/8”, UHF
  • Eg. LH77B: LH Series, 3+1/8”, VHF B.III