UHF Manifold Combiners

VHF B.III Manifold Combiners

FM Manifold Combiners


Cascade of several filters on a common output transmission line (“Manifold”).
COM-TECH, after being the first to introduce the Manifold technique to Broadcast TV and FM applications, further extended its versatility exploiting the Adjacency Combination. Cost-effective solution for low and medium power applications, having the possibility to combine a large number of frequencies.

  • MX Series: Manifold Coombiners


COM-TECH Manifold Combiners are designed, engineered, and manufactured with cutting-edge technology in order to grant the maximum reliability and the most advanced performances: highest voltage safety margins, lowest insertion loss, maximum compactness, exceptional mechanical stability and durability.

  • Full-Band Tunability
  • Temperature Stabilization
  • DC-Short
  • Modular Connector System (FM Combiners)
  • EVA-Mode (VHF B.I and FM Filters)
  • 10-Year Warranty


COM-TECH Manifold Combiners have been engineered to be conveniently integrated into Rack-Shelves. Heat Sinks, available on FM combiners, are available as an Option to reduce over-temperature.

  • Rack-Shelf
  • Heat Sinks (FM Combiners)


COM-TECH offers several options for Retuning of its Bandpass Filters and Combiners, with different levels of autonomy for the Customer. Tuning Instructions and Tools are provided upon request. COM-TECH also offers customized Tuning Training Courses.

  • On-Site Retuning
  • Factory Retuning
  • Substitution Program
  • Customer Retuning
  • Remote Assisted Retuning


Manifold Combiners require cables with specific lengths, depending on the frequency set. A frequency change in the chain requires cables lengths to be modified. Beyond offering the Substitution Program, COM-TECH also offers three solutions, providing, thanks to a proprietary Functional Model Simulation, optimized cable lengths for the new frequencies, thus making the retuning of Manifold Combiners straightforward and fast. A lowered wrench, provided by COM-TECH, is necessary for the retuning.

  • Cables Shipment (Solution 1.)
  • Premade Cable Kit (Solution 2.)
  • Cable Assembly (Solution 3.)


COM-TECH Manifold Combiners use mnemonic codes:
[Product Series: MX] [No. of Poles: 4, 5…] [Response: All Pole] [Cavity Size: 20, 30..] [Operating Band: C, B, F] / [Number of Modules]:

  • Eg. MX4P20C/5: MX Series, 4-Pole, All Pole, 20 mm Cavity Size, UHF, 5 Modules
  • Eg. MX3P120F/3: MX Series, 3-Pole, All Pole, 120 mm Cavity Size, FM, 3 Modules