UHF Balanced Filters

VHF B.III Balanced Filters

VHF B.I Balanced Filters

DAB Balanced Filters


Balanced structure of two identical Bandpass Filters and two hybrid couplers, with two balancing loads. The resulting Bandpass Filter is able to manage twice the power of its composing devices, for very high power requests. In addition, it provide Constant Impedance, which maximize the efficiency and the protection of the transmitter. BF, TB Series:

  • BF Series: Heat SinksForced Air CoolingLiquid Cooling
  • TB Series: Heat SinksForced Air CoolingLiquid Cooling


COM-TECH Balanced Filters use several innovative and proprietary Designs, in order to meet the different transmission requirements, such as selectivity, regulation masks,and Adjacency Combination:

  • DualCross: Double Cross-Coupling
  • Cross Coupling


COM-TECH Balanced Filters are designed, engineered, and manufactured with cutting-edge technology in order to grant the maximum reliability and the most advanced performances: highest voltage safety margins, lowest insertion loss, maximum compactness, exceptional mechanical stability and durability.

  • Full-Band Tunability
  • Temperature Stabilization
  • DC-Short
  • Output Monitor Probe
  • Modular Connector System
  • SIR (VHF B.III Filters)
  • Hairpin (VHF B.I Filters)
  • EVA-Mode (VHF B.I and FM Filters)
  • 10-Year Warranty


COM-TECH Balanced Filters can be provided with specific Options to increase maximum operating power. The resulting downsizing allows significant cost and space savings.

  • Forced Air Cooling
  • Liquid Cooling


COM-TECH offers several options for Retuning of its Bandpass Filters and Combiners, with different levels of autonomy for the Customer. Tuning Instructions and Tools are provided upon request. COM-TECH also offers customized Tuning Training Courses.

  • On-Site Retuning
  • Factory Retuning
  • Substitution Program
  • Customer Retuning
  • Remote Assisted Retuning


COM-TECH Bandpass Filters use mnemonic codes:
[Product Series: BF, TB…] [No. of Poles: 6, 8…] [Design: DualCross, Cross Coupling] [Cavity Size: 200, 220…] [Operating Band: C, B, A, F]

  • Eg. TB8D220C: TB Series, 8-Pole, DualCross, 220 mm, UHF
  • Eg. BF6P300A: TS Series, 6-Pole, Cross Coupling, 300 mm, VHF B.I