COM-TECH designs, develops and manufactures RF passive components for the Industrial, Scientific and Medical business areas for the following applications:

  • Particle Accelerators (Sychrotrones, LINACs…)
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Microwave Communications (Wireless camera links, microwave distribution…)
  • Transport Networks (Service communications, tunnel signal distribution…)
  • ATC (Radio communication for Air Traffic Control)
  • PMR (Professional Mobile Radio)
  • Weather and Hydrological Monitoring

COM-TECH Multicoupler System is a proprietary and complete solution, offering practical and efficient components to drive and combine several Power Amplifiers, providing the maximum possible overall efficiency of the Transmitter.
FastLine, the COM-TECH proprietary Rigid Line system for indoor applications, comprehends a complete range of connections and components from 7/8’’ to 6+1/8’’.
The ISM family is typically categorized with reference to Component type (Hybrid Couplers, Directional Couplers…), and by Component Series (HF Series, HC Series…)

Couplers & Splitters

Coaxial Components


Industry, Communication, Misc

Frequency Range 470-862 MHz 174-240 MHz 47-100 MHz 87.5-108 MHz
Components Hybrid Couplers
Power Couplers
Directional Couplers
Matching Lines
Lowpass Filters
Rigid Lines Connections
Internet of Things
Radio Links
Road Networks
Hydrological Monitoring
Techniques Unified Connector Spacing
Unified Connector Spacing Unified Connector Spacing Unified Connector Spacing
RMS Output Power Up to 70 kW Up to 65 kW Up to 11 kW


Particle Accelerators
COM-TECH designs, develops and manufactures RF passive components for the RF power sources used in Particle Accelerators (Linear, Synchrotrones, Cyclotrones…):
The product range includes:

  • Power Amplifiers Combinations Systems (to combine several Power Amplifiers)
  • High Power Couplers (to combine several RF Sources)
  • Rigid Lines and Rigid Line Connections
  • Directional Couplers
  • Impedance Transformers, Matchers, and Phase Shifters
  • Loads

Internet of Things (IoT)
COM-TECH designes, develops and manufactures RF passive components for Internet of Things applications.
The product range includes:

  • Filters
  • Connections
  • Directional Couplers

Industry, Communication and Misc
COM-TECH designes, develops and manufactures RF passive components for different Industry fields:

  • Microwave Radio Links (Filters and Components)
  • Transport (Branching systems to combine Broadcast Radio, Social and Security Communications on road networks)
  • ATC (Radio communication for Air Traffic Control)
  • PMR (Professional Mobile Radio, Analog and Digital)
  • Power and Transmission Measurement
  • Weather and Hydrological Monitoring


Full-Band Tunability
COM-TECH Filters and Combiners are designed to be easily and completely tunable:

  • Fully tunable all over their operating band
  • Tunable in accordance to all worldwide standards, channel widths and regulation masks
  • Customizable Tunings in accordance with Customer specifications
  • Designed to be easily tuned (Tuning Instructions available on request)
  • Engineered to be tuned with a standardized set of tools (Tuning Toolbox available on request)

Temperature Stabilization
COM-TECH Filters and Combiners feature a state-of-the-art Temperature Stabilization, achieved through:

  • Innovative interactive CAE design (3D EM and Fluid Dynamic simulation)
  • Accurate choice of materials
  • Environmental and laboratory tests

COM-TECH Filters and Combiners have a built-in lightning protection:

  • Solid DC-Short-Circuit towards ground on the input/output couplings
  • No Open Circuits, in order to avoid dangerous charge accumulations
  • Full protection towards the antenna side

Modular Connector System
COM-TECH products feature an interchangeable and modular connector system, based on unified mounting panels.
Each panel accept different connectors, allowing a wide choice of connections to be mounted on the same product:

  • Panel sizes: 25 mm, 32 mm, 64 mm, 100 mm, 130 mm, and 150 mm
  • Wide choice of connectors available on each product
  • Easy connector change

MultiStep: Ultra-Flat Frequency Response
COM-TECH exclusive and proprietary design technique, available on high power UHF Hybrid Couplers, (NH Series) and Balanced Combiners (DF Series):

  • Ultra-Flat frequency response (10 times flatter compared to traditional design Hybrid Couplers)
  • Enhanced Return Loss and Isolation
  • Antenna Systems: Accurate power balance
  • Balanced Combiners: Agile connection of several modules with unparalleled performances